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Open Outdoors Washington

If you are reading this you are probably an active ATV & UTV rider.  Or you go to horse shows, barrel racings and other equestrian events.  You are ready to get back outside!

With the restrictions in place a lot of our events are being canceled.  But large group protests are being held with little to no social distancing.

I have started sending message to our state representatives!  Lets flood them with our message and get our equestrian facilities, our trails, our forests back open!  King County is in a modified Phase 1!  Our specific outdoor events can also fall under a modification!

Below is a list of website that you can use to contact our state reps.  Also is a copy of my letter to all of them!  I am going to follow up weekly.  I hope you will send them all your message as well!

UPDATE:  County Rep Amy Cruver contacted me right away.  She recommended that we send an email to Jay Inslee direct and cc our state representative


This is her response


Send an email to

Jay Inslee

and cc: 

Randi Becker

 JT Wilcox

Andrew Barkis

Bruce Dammeier

Doug Richardson

Jim McCune

copy & paste below in the CC of your email

Randi Becker <>; JT Wilcox <>; Andrew Barkis <>; Bruce Dammeier <>; Doug Richardson <>; Jim McCune <>

The county hands are usually tied BUT the Pierce County Rep was the 1st to reach out to me

Pierce County Council 


Thurston county council


MY LETTER feel free to use it or make your own

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL.  We want him to consider our request.  We don't want to make him anymore defensive than he already is.

Dear Mr Inslee,

I hope you will read and consider helping those of us that enjoy organized outdoor events get a variance on the Phase’s as they are so limiting that we cannot hold our events.  These events contribute greatly to the economy as well as our mental state of health.

With the ongoing protests we see large crowds that are gathered for their cause with little to no social distancing.  Why is this ok but we, as an organized group, cannot hold nor attend our events.

Horse shows are held in outdoor environments.  The spectators are few and exhibitors can easily be held accountable for social distancing and other safety procedures we are implementing. 

ATV & UTV events; we camp outside, we ride our quads and motorcycles outside.  We enjoy the woods and trails.  Social distancing is easy with campsites being 12-20 feet across.  And we definitely do not ride within 6 feet of each other on the trails.  We respect riders and keep our distance.

While these events listed above often have 200 people attending, we are spread out over 15 to 20 acres (not including the forest) so social distancing is really easy!

I am asking you to look at these facts and ask the Governor to lift restrictions on outdoor events.  It seems its ok to protest in larger groups, but it isn’t ok to enjoy recreational activities that respect the social distancing criteria.

Thank you for reading this message.  I hope you will consider my request and bring it to the attention to the people that can help us with our cause.



Karen Lunan

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