Please be patient with uploads for results and score sheets.  We do not always get the info immediately following the class.  Please do not text/call/fb post looking for results unless a significant amount of time has passed.  We will upload as soon as we can!

Click here to see if you can read PDF documents here!  If you can read the PDF check page you are good to go!    If you cannot read PDF's on your device, your placings will be on your statement as usual


We will post results as fast as we get them.  Please be patient.  Please do not come to the office to ask for placings or to look at judges cards.  Thank you!

All Working Cow / Reining Classes

All Ranch Riding Classes

All Showmanship

All Halter

All Walk/Trot English Pleasure

All English Pleasure

All Walk/Trot English Equitation

All English Equitation

All Walk/Trot Trail

All Trail

All Walk/Trot Western Pleasure

All Western Pleasure

All Walk Trot Western Equitation

All Western Equitation

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