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Tacoma Unit Online Entry

>The button below will redirect you to the online entry form
>This form does not reserve you a stall.  That is a separate form.
>Please use the same horse name that you have previously used.  We don't care if it is the registered name or a nick name.  But the points for the series will not be combined if one time your horse is ANNA and the next time it is ANNA BANANA
>You can add and scratch classes at the show
>This is considered an entry to the show and your commitment to come to the show.  If you are not sure, please do not pre-entry.  There is no penalty for entering at the show 
>  If you pre-enter and cannot come, it is your responsibility to contact show management to let us know
>Please do not call, text or email to confirm that I received your entry.  If you are redirected to the "thank you" page your entry has been sent to my email
Thank you for supporting the show!
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