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Get Your Forms Online For Your Show!

Regardless of the COVID impact, online forms are the most popular way to get your entries and reservations!  Chances are that once the pandemic is over your exhibitors will want to enter online.  You have the option of collecting funds that will be directly deposited into your account, or not.

Copies of necessary paperwork can be added to any form!  This includes registration papers, membership cards, any vet certificates and more!  Let us know and we will add that feature!

You can enter from your phone. tablet or any computer!


You will be set up with your own account that you will access to download entries, attachments and reservations from the platform that we use.  To collect money there is a $10 per month fee for our platform or $25 per month to be connected to your existing paypal or squareup account.  ALL MONIES ARE DIRECTLY DEPOSITED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.  We do not handle your money!

Our base fee is $250 for up to 6 forms.  This could include pre-entry form, post-entry form, membership, RV reservations, stall and tack room reservations, high point award sign up or whatever you need a form for.

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Links would be sent to your web person if you want the forms on your website or we will host a page at for FREE!

Take a test run on our sample forms bot BE ADVISED the credit card function is LIVE and you will be sending me money if you complete the credit card function!

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